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Change the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Mobile robots enhance the guest service experience as well as provide operational efficiency. When you add Aethon autonomous mobile robots to your facility, you’ll see improved guest engagement, improved staff utilization, increased worker safety and much more.

Front of House

The Aethon T4G is a human-centered robot for front of house guest deliveries.


Creates an amazing guest experience and operational efficiency

With its human-centered design, the Aethon T4G becomes an engaging part of a guest’s stay.  It performs delivery tasks securely and safely while freeing staff to serve guests in a more personal manner.


Large enough to be useful. Small enough to be nimble.

The cabinet will hold goods up to 17” wide and 25” deep (43.0 X 63.5 cm). It can be configured with locking bins allowing multiple secured deliveries in one run accessed by a pin code sent to each guest via text messaging. Alternatively, contents can be accessed freely once the doors are opened via a pin code.


Modern & Secure Guest Communication

When the robot arrives, your guest receives a text message on their mobile device with a single-use pin code which provides access to the bins containing their delivery. Guests can be assured their delivery is both secure and private. The T4G has a locking door as well as individually locking bins to protect guest contents. 


The Aethon T4 makes housekeeping safer and streamlines operations.


Hallways cluttered with carts become a thing of the past.

The T4 shuttles carts through the hotel on demand.  Fresh stock is delivered as needed and this allows the staff to work inside the room more securely.  It automatically picks up used supplies such as linens and trash to eliminate the time spent returning to central laundry areas.  Entire carts can be automatically picked up, delivered and exchanged, or just the supplies can be removed from the cart.

Back of House

The Aethon T3 and T3XL line of robots allows your staff to focus on the most important part of their job by eliminating material transportation and handling tasks.


Total automation of cart pickup, transportation and delivery

Imagine an autonomous mobile robot that picks up carts loaded with materials, transports them, and drops them off automatically all while your staff is busy doing the most important parts of their job.  The T3 line of robots haul up to 1,400 lbs / 635kg and the smaller T4 will haul up to 250 lbs / 113kg.


Meetings, Conventions and Banquets

TUG mobile robots move the things needed to make your conference center events successful – from food and banquet supplies, to linens and table settings.  And when the event is over, TUG can even take out the trash.


True robotic automation for productivity enhancement

The Aethon T3 and T4 line of robots are award-winning autonomous machines designed for demanding material handling and transportation tasks performed over multiple shifts.

"We believe robotics are becoming an important part of the hotel landscape. We wanted to work with a company with proven experience deploying mobile robots but also one with an innovative pipeline of products designed for hoteliers."

Mike Lerman, General Manager, AC Hotels by Marriott San Jose Santa Clara
TUG has capabilities on top of capabilities.