July 08, 2016

Hospitals Play Offense Against Rising Costs with Technology Innovation

Many hospitals are taking a proactive stance to reduce their own internal expenses through deeper innovation and technology integration.

Our Customers are in Good Company

Becker’s Hospital Review lists 25 hospitals or health systems across the U.S. with dedicated innovation centers, focused on integrating new tools, technologies, ideas, and workflows. Nearly one-third of these hospitals have adopted Aethon’s autonomous mobile robot technology as part of their innovative practices.

Innovation With a Payoff

While innovation can seem costly, especially for cash-strapped hospitals, we can help organizations determine how these tools pay for themselves by boosting hospital efficiency, staff effectiveness, and patient satisfaction.

Incorporating Technology in New Construction

In building new facilities, forward-thinking architectural designs prioritize patient experience, workflow, sustainability, and service consolidation. Skanska’s Andrew Quirk, part of NXT Health’s Patient Room 2020 program, anticipates future-enabled hospitals that enhance energy efficiency and adaptability. Quirk emphasizes integrating technology into building designs for better flexibility.  In an interview on “Building a Better Hospital,”  Quirk says, “The big thing that I see is that buildings need to do a better job of integrating technology into the physical environment. Buildings need to be adaptable and able to change.”

Incorporating Mobile Robots in New Construction

The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical Center at Mission Bay, opened last year, exemplifies efficient design with an 878,000-square-foot space housing UCSF cancer, women’s, and children’s hospitals. Designed by Stantec, the facility consolidates functions to enhance operational efficiency. A fleet of 27 TUG robots supports staff by transporting linens, food, specimens, and medications, reducing walking distances.

To thrive amidst rising costs, hospitals must embrace a culture of innovation. This fosters ongoing improvements in healthcare service delivery, ensuring sustainability and effectiveness.

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